After I finished my education at UCN I was looking for a job for seven and a half month, before finally being hired by Aveva. The time spent jobless was quite hard and stressfull. Not because there was much to do, but because there was absolutely nothing to do, but apply for jobs. 

To be looking for a job turned out to be more than a full time job. I never had a day off, as there was always a job to apply for or someone to talk to. Even at social events trying to take my mind of jobhunting, someone would always suggest a company that was hiring. Or they would let me know that they know someone who found a job somehow, so it shouldn’t be too hard. 

Jobhunting material

  • Resume

    This is the resume that I sent out with all my applications. The only update in it is the ‘About Me’ section, where the ages are updated. 

  • Profile Card

    My profile card