My first attempt at making a bracelet in paracord. It has some flaws, but it’s a nice first go. 

Bracelet front

Bracelet back

I made the bracelet with cow hitches in different colors. I alternated the hitches so the result switches between the colors. 

Here the bracelet is seen, front and back, and it is obvious that the weave is tighter in one end than the other, resulting in an odd shape. The hitches should have been tightened more in the start, to create a smooth tight finish, as it is in the end of the weave. 

I used a rather large buckle for this, with a whistle and a firestell, which could come in handy. Unfortunately the buckle is too large for a bracelet which means it sits weird on te wrist. It it not comfortable at all. 


 You can see the cow hitches up close on this image. As you see the paracord strands ‘takes turns’ being on top which looks pretty nice. 

Cow hitches up close