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Parabuddy – Humpback

A Parabuddy made from several colors.

World in a Bottle

These are two different worlds in a jar and a bottle, respectively. 


I have always (Like everyone else) been fascinated with the idea of presenting, something that I made, to the world, that people could look at and admire. 

Deep Fried Lunch

I heard that the British are deep-frying their mars-bars, so I thought why not give it a shot? So I did. 


My first attempt at making a bracelet in paracord. It has some flaws, but it’s a nice first go. 

Celtic Slammer

A solid ball, made with a Celtic knot around a ball. 


A semi large keychain, made with snake weave. 

Python Tweet Bot

A small Python application to do my tweeting for me. 

Code Cracker App

A native Android application, written in Xamarin, C#. 

Message in a bottle in a bottle

A tiny message in a tiny bottle, suspended inside a wine bottle

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