Who doesn’t like a good puzzle, riddle or brain teaser? I find them quite intriguing, so I have collected a good handful of them, and created a story around them.

From May 2019 and every month for about 8 months forward a new part of this Riddle Saga will be posted here.

Each story part will take you on a new part of an adventure, and each story will also have a riddle that you can try to solve.

The solutions for the puzzles will be given at the very end of the adventure, in the final post, although some of the answers might become clear, after reading the following riddles.

If you have the answers for a riddle, please do not spoil it for others. Feel free to send the answers directly to me, to let me know that you got it.

  • The Riddle Saga – Chapter One

    This story takes its beginning on a cruise ship, far away from any civilized land. The weather is nice, and the drinks are cold. You walk around the ship and make new friends and talk to all sorts of interesting people.

  • The Riddle Saga – Chapter Two

    This is the second chapter in an ongoing story, with lots of action and riddles.

  • The Riddle Saga – Chapter Three

    For the third chapter of your adventure, you will face a new life-threatening challenge. Are you up for it?

    I suggest you go back and read the first few chapters, if you didn’t already, to understand the context of the story better.

  • The Riddle Saga – Chapter Four

    You have been a capture of a barbaric tribe for many days. You have survived many challenges. But your hardship is not yet over. It is the fourth chapter of the story, and you are one of the few survivors still left.

  • The Riddle Saga – Chapter Five

    After the first four chapters, you are finally accepted in the tribe as an equal.

  • The Riddle Saga – Chapter Six

    As the story progresses, I will suggest that you make sure that you have read the previous chapters, as they may give crucial information for the following riddles.